Elastyc ofers wide range of features, hope you will find yours!

Customer Relationship Management

Take control in every aspect of interaction with your customers, from complete overview to intelligent and automated communication and transactions

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Build awesome customer experience and sell your goods and services trough highly sophisticated and customize models

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Communication and collaboration

Take full control of enterprise communication in all of its aspects, like email integration, messaging, targeted news letters, notifications, alerts, ...

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Business process management

Organize all your processes inside company on one place with highly customized workflows, rules, documents, ....

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Billing and invoicing

Manage all your sales with easy invoicing with powerful subscription and consumption periodical mass invoicing

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Calendar and time

Take control of personal and group calendars of your employees and assets with scheduling , time tracking , booking , and all time

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Powerfully insight in all aspects of your processes with 360 overview on your clients, employees and trends.

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Document management

Organize documents in your company in order with your business processes, and access them from all devices and any place with strict access privileges.

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Project Management

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Process templates

Check out our process templates which can be great starting point for your business

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